Kripalu Yoga

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Outside Hallowell

Gentle Yoga at Dean 3, Thayer Hospital, Waterville   
Tuesdays, Jan. 23-Mar. 13.  3:30-4:45 PM

Gentle Yoga at Dean 3, Thayer Hospital, Waterville   
Tuesdays, Jan. 23-Mar. 13.  5:15 - 6:30 PM

Gentle Yoga at Conference Rm. 3, Maine General, Augusta

Sundays, Jan. 14- Feb. 25, skipping Feb. 4.  3:30-4:45 PM

FMI or to register, visit Maine General HLRC!

Yoga Nidra at School Street Yoga, Waterville

Tuesdays, Feb. 6-Mar. 20, skipping Feb. 20.   7:15-8:15 PM. 

Runs 6 weeks.

Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice done lying down, that helps us to not only notice this but to gather its energy toward productive rest states.   Through guided, sequential meditations, the mind shifts attention to the body and is encouraged to remain conscious, able to witness the ebb and flow of thoughts, sensation, experiences and images.  Becoming still and quiet, nerves repair, organs relax, heart rate slows, blood pressure drops.  Can be profoundly healing as the mind adjusts to awareness of internal experiences, to noticing without judgment or story making.  Brief seated spinal stretches, calming breath work, and the setting of a silent, internal resolve or intention before nidra.  For those who can’t lie down: Nidra can be practiced with props or as a seated meditation.

Registration through MidMaine Adult Ed.  

I often teach in a variety of places, offering classes to staff at workplaces, classes for Maine General, presentations, and outdoor yoga. 

Chakra Yoga at School Street Yoga, Waterville

Tuesdays, April 3-May 21.   7:15-8:30 PM.

Runs 8 weeks. 

Are you ready to reboot your energy this spring with an activating and balancing yoga practice? Using sequences of rhythmic breath & yoga, integrative rest, and mantra, we’ll learn to focus our attentions on areas along the spine that correspond to the endocrine system, a network that impacts mood, vitality and immunity. Come revitalize your whole being!

Fee is $88.  Register through School Street Yoga!

207-330-1450 or