Kripalu Yoga


Starts on Jan. 15!


10 week series, $100

5 class pass, $60

$15 drop in

private sessions

60 min @ $60

TSY semi-private 8-week series @ $150

Notes: If you sign up for a single series at CHI, please know that if you miss a class, it's not possible to make up that class in another series. Thank you!  But for private and semi-private classes, all are open to the public; it's helpful to both of us to check in for space availability for an offering.  If you need financial assistance to attend, please don't hesitate to call me.

Grace Under Pressure,

a Kundalini Yoga Series

activating, calming, radiant yoga

"When the time is on, start, and the pressure will be off." This yoga series will delve into the Kundalini yoga sets intended for this age of quick information, increased chaos, violence and radical, needed change. It's been called the yoga of radiance, awareness, vitality & youth. Whatever the experience is to each of us, it is powerful. Transformative within minutes--mood, mind, strength of a different order.  Classes will be held through MLK Day & President's Day.

Root & Rise Flow Yoga

active & warming

75 min. class, w. optional 15 minute meditation, 10 weeks

The Adrenals & the Drum,
 Kundalini Yoga with Music

A Center for Health Insight (CHI)  98 Second St., Hallowell

Friday, Feb. 9, 4-6 PM.  $30

In this miniretreat, we'll be joined by 5 Rhythms drummer and energy healer Alfred Lund, his drums, bowls and gong.  The rhythms will be in support of a transformational Kundalini Yoga set called Stress Set for Adrenals & Kidneys.  If you have a sheepskin or wool blanket to sit on to insulate your energy field from earth's downward energy, feel free to bring it.  Some practitioners wear a a cap or scarf to promote containment and protection.  Feel free to do the same! "Our energy can be flowing, we can be eating well, sleeping enough, but if our adrenals fail, it is hard to keep up. We get tired and snappy. Glandular balance, and in particular, strong adrenals and kidneys are important to have that extra edge, to control anger and hypoglycemia.  Without strong adrenals and kidneys, the heart can't function well."  --From Yogi Bhajan's Library of Teachings.  Golden milk will be served to restore and calm.

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Snow date:

Tues. Jan. 2

Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Women

45 min. class, semi-private,

8 Week Series


Nov. 29-Jan. 31

6-7:15 PM

optional 15 min. seated meditation

Yin & Zen

A Center for Health Insight (CHI)  98 Second St., Hallowell

Friday, April 6, 4-6 PM.  $25

Come out of hibernation with us this April! Join Chris York and me for a two hour experience in Yin Yoga & Zen Meditation. Our first hour will be a full Yin Yoga practice to open the back, legs, hips, and mind in preparation for a full hour of traditional Zen meditation with Chris, a long time practitioner and founder of the Kennebec Zen Center in Augusta. Seated meditation can be done in a chair. Walking meditation will be introduced. Yin Yoga is a floor practice that uses particular postures to apply pressure in the body, bringing relief to congestion, inflammation in the bones and joints. Think space! And Zen frees the mind...eventually!   Tea & good company offered.  Space is limited. All abilities and experiences are welcome here.Sign up here! 

Yoga Nidra

restful meditation in svasana

60 min. class

Chakra-Kundalini Yoga returns on 1/8/18!




Located in Central Maine, I offer yoga experiences from the Kripalu Yoga tradition, a meditative practice, but I specialize in facilitating Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) technique that emphasizes choice-making, interoception, awareness of the body to support people with complex trauma or treatment-resistant PTSD. Thank you for visiting and feel free to reach out.

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Gentle Yoga


Winter Classes

Center for Health Insight  98 Second St.  Hallowell

Starting Nov. 29-March 28


Jan. 31-Mar. 21

Noon or 4:30 PM

(not interchangeable)

Many practice the yoga of disappointment.  The only antidote is the practice of acceptance.   --Swami Kripalu


Jan. 8-Mar. 12

6-7:15 PM

w. yogi tea & mantras

$125 series